Tattoo Removal Equipment and Technology

Tattoo Removal Equipment and Technology

As popular as tattoos are today, so is the growing trend of mind changes, regrets and all the other reasons for wanting to get rid of a tattoo. Tattoos are no longer regarded as permanent skin markings as it was the case several years back. As such, there are more and more people seeking tattoo removal every day. It’s all thanks to the development of tattoo removal cost techniques and their corresponding tattoo removal equipment.

Tattoo removal equipment varies greatly depending on capabilities and features. Whereas there are those that work perfectly for removing a wide array of tattoos, there are those that are ideally designed to treat specific types of tattoos. There are tattoo removal courses available to help learn how to use the different equipment for tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Equipment Depending on the Method of Removal

There are several methods of tattoo removal, which include the old dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, cryosurgery, excision and the all new laser tattoo removal. All these methods have their own different types of equipment. However, the laser tattoo removal technology is basically edging out the other methods owing to its non-invasive approach to tattoo treatment.

Laser tattoo removal has continued to advance over the years since its introduction, and this has seen the development of more innovative laser tattoo removal equipment that keep riding on the improvements of their predecessors.

Basic Concept behind Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

Laser tattoo removal utilizes laser energy to effect the tattoo removal process and thus get rid of a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal equipment operates on the basic concepts outlined below:

1. Q-Switching – This is the technology that is used in laser tattoo removal. Q-switching is the production of specific quick and powerful pulses of light that are capable of shattering tattoo ink without harming the skin tissue.

2. Wavelength – Now different colors absorb light at different wavelengths, and this is the same case with tattoo inks. tattoo removal experts practitioners will switch wavelengths of the laser depending on the kind and color of tattoo being removed.

3. Peak Power – The peak power of the laser tattoo removal equipment determines the range of tattoos that can be removed by it, plus the quality of the final end result. Peak power results from the relation between laser energy and pulse width; hence a smaller width equals a higher peak power and vice-versa.

4. FDA Clearance – tattoo fading is considered a medical procedure and thus its tattoo removal equipment falls under the medical devices classification. Such devices are regulated by FDA and will have to get clearance.

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