Again and again, we at Rank Nr.1 find in new SEO projects that search engine optimization was not previously associated with a strategy or clear goals. Individual optimization measures were carried out in isolation and were not coordinated. But only those who know where they want to go and pursue this goal with an end-to-end strategy get there too.

SEO strategy – what is it?
Search engines are the number one point of contact on the Internet. In order for your products and services to be found on the World Wide Web and to properly position your brand, you should consider SEO as an important part of your online marketing strategy. You will not get good rankings overnight. Many factors play a role in this and only those who correctly coordinate the individual components will be successful in the long term.

An SEO strategy will help you. For us, it is the measure planning and approach to achieve defined SEO or website goals.

Possible goals or partial goals are, for example

Positioning with relevant keywords
The increase of organic traffic
Increase conversions
International placement
Local findability

An SEO strategy for eternity?
Now you could assume that the elaborated SEO strategy and the associated measures can be easily processed. But at the latest since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, it has been shown that Google is happy to put a stop to our calculations and that certain measures can no longer fulfill their purpose through appropriate updates or become superfluous ( Measures then suddenly have to be prioritized quite differently.

And also the search behavior of the user’s changes. Due to the increased use of smartphones, more and more searches are being made on the go. Content, therefore, has to meet very different requirements than just a few years ago. And voice search is changing the way content needs to be optimized.

A regular questioning of the measures and a review of their success are therefore very important. If a measure does not achieve the desired effect, you have to be flexible enough to undo or modify it. Regular quality control is, therefore, part of a good SEO strategy for us.

Tip: If you decide for an SEO agency, you should pay special attention to the fact that behind the SEO measures there is also a well thought out strategy. Checks the following aspects: Are goals defined? Are there clear key figures to be achieved? Where is it going?

The SEO strategy in the marketing mix
What we notice again and again in SEO projects is that the SEO activities and measures, and therefore also the strategy, are seen detached from other marketing processes in the company. It is very important for success in Google and other search engines that all marketing measures are coordinated, such as product launches, advertising (even in the offline area) or mailings.

The presence on the Internet and the orientation there should reflect the company as it presents itself to its customers. This includes all marketing measures. The coordination with marketing, IT and management are therefore very important for us.

SEO and the importance of Google have long arrived in companies. As an SEO consultant, we no longer have to explain the importance of search engine optimization in marketing. It’s about getting the right measures to get better rankings and more relevant users to the site. With our SEO strategy, we try to achieve continuous optimization that promises long-term success ( Important for this is to analyze and evaluate a website on an ongoing basis, To question measures and above all to observe current developments in the search engine market while retaining the flexibility to respond promptly to key trends.